Our number one priority is keeping you out on your bike. We have the fastest turn around time you’ll find anywhere in the valley.


Our number one priority is keeping you out on your bike. We have the fastest turn around time you’ll find anywhere in the valley.


We know bikes. Our team (i.e., Sarah) knows how to repair bikes. High Gear Cyclery is your top destination for bike repairs and maintenance in the Vail Valley. Our conveniently located bike shop is your first choice in securing high quality professional road, mountain and hybrid bike repairs and maintenance. Whether your repair needs are for a new bike or a an old-faithful, we have the team to confidently meet your bike repair and maintenance needs.

With professional expertise, the High Gear Cyclery team supports the Vail Valley cycling community with quality service. Our customers are confident their bikes are maintained in optimal condition and are readily improved with elevated components and features to enhance their riding experience. We are in front of the local competition when it comes to our repair and maintenance skills.

Expert mechanics always on hand, and a ton of repair parts around at all times.

Do I Need to Service My Bike?

High Gear Cyclery is highly committed to providing excellent bike maintenance to our customers. We emphasize the importance of regular service and maintenance of your bike and it’s components. This ensures the highest level of safety, and preserves optimized function for your bike.

Servicing these main component is our top priority:

• Brake pads
• Gear cables
• Chain
• Tires

Brake pads absorb a maximum amount of friction in normal use. Over time, they naturally wear out – potentially impacting performance and safely. Brake pad replacement is an important maintenance service. Gear cables are subject to frequent high stress during use. The repetitive tension on cables creates a “stretching-out” of gear cables over time. Failed gears can result in slippage and gear change due to the wear. Maintenance of the chain will help avoid a chain brake during use (this sucks), an unwelcome event. Over time the chain will experience normal wear and can weaken without regular bike service and maintenance.

These components – along with all other mechanical and safety features, including correctly inflated tires – are the hallmarks of superior bike service. We are experts in our craft.

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“These guys hooked us up with one of the most enjoyable bike riding experiences of our life time! It was so easy! The bikes were very well maintained, reasonably priced, and super easy to ride. We stuck to the local trail between Avon and Edwards. The shop guys knew right where to send us and we loved it. Highly recommended.”
Brian Bradley
“They guys at the shop are super awesome, very helpful and they won’t try to upsale you on everything.. 100% honest and great customer service.. will always recommend them and stop in there to support my local bike shop!! Keep killin it guys!”
Matt Bear
“These guys are the best. Not just for a bike shop in the valley, but probably the whole state. Paul and the gang are knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. They will hook you up, and keep you happy on the trail or tarmac. I couldn’t be happier with their help/service, and will keep all my bikes running perfectly thanks to them!”
Andrea Stapleford


Wear and tear is the result of normal bike use. Over time, specs and components shift. Given the precision of these features, and the impact of use, it is a good practice to service your bike regularly. High Gear Cyclery recommends Bike Service and Maintenance every 90 – 120 days, and always after the cycling season.

Seasonal factors will dictate a more frequent bike service regimen. The dry dusty terrain of summertime cycling can cause small component failures. Likewise, the wet and debris of winter rides can have an even greater impact on the safety and function of the mechanics. A good rule of thumb is, “It’s always better to be safe than sorry.” High Gear Cyclery has the expertise to optimize your riding experience with regular bike service and maintenance.


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